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Currently we are working on 3 Main Projects

Tungsten Premium Nozzle

The tungsten premium nozzle for 3D Printers is made for 3D Printing Enthusiasts, professional printing businesses and for all who want to get remarkable printing results with fiber loaded filaments

Industrial Filament Extruder

Our industrial Filament Extruder, currently comes with a 7.5kw motor, 40mm diameter screw, 5 heating zones, puller, winder, and diameter control unit. Made in Germany


Our plan is to move from test productions to release quality of premium Filaments. We use our own developed extruder Portia for the manufacturing of 3D Printer Filaments.

Status of our Projects

For the current status of our projects check the progress on the right side. Besides running our 3 main projects we are running several other projects like our FFF 3D printer which is perfectly calibrated for printing with our filaments and last but not least our SLS printer which will work best as well with our SLS powders.

Industrial Extruder 0
Tungsten Premium Nozzle 0
Filament & SLS Powder 0
What is dddmaterial?

dddmaterial is a project run by the Peterwerth Export & Import Sales e.K. to provide (open-source) solutions for the 3D Printing industry

What does dddmaterial do?

Construction of extrusion plants, development of 3D Printer Equipment for professional purposes, manufacturing of 3D Printers and their print materials such as filaments and SLS powders.

Which project results will you sell as products in the future?

Depends on the demand and the development of the market. Right now we plan to sell Filaments & Tungsten Nozzles within to the end of 2016

Of which projects can we expect crowdfunding campaigns?

Probably for new 3D Printer equipment releases but not for the extruders or filaments

In blog posts of 2014 I read that you plan to run an extruder crowdfunding campaign is this still up to date?

I am afraid this is not up to date anymore. Our extruder project is now too big (it is now a whole extrusion plant) and fits only in a production hall than on a desktop and the costs to make such a extrusion plant makes it unfortunately unattractive for individuals or crowdfunding platforms such as kickstarter or indiegogo. If we plan again to release a small scale version of our extruders then we will anounce it on our website.

The young Story about dddmaterial

  • 28th September 2014 – Foundation of dddmaterial
  • 30th September 2014 – Blog launched at
  • 21st December 2014 – Extruder Prototype XT880 finished
  • 14th February 2015 – First sketches for Extruder XT1000
  • 20th March 2015 – Preview of the XT1000
  • 29th May 2015 – Preparations for Maker Fair
  • 6th June 2015 – XT1000 completed
  • 7th June 2015 – first public appearance of dddmaterial at Maker Faire Hannover
  • July to September – Filament Test Production
  • 11th July – Plans for our 3D Printer based on Kossel
  • 22nd July – First premium nozzle sketches (evaluating nozzle materials)
  • 30th July 2015 – Sketches for an industrial Extruder
  • July to December 2015 – Sourcing Extruder Parts
  • 25th August 2015 – Completed our first 3D Printer
  • September 2015 – Coding and tweakings of our 3D Printer and its Firmware, testing our non-public Filament samples
  • 12th/13th November 2015 – Introducing Tungsten Premium Nozzle to the public at &
  • 11th October 2015 – January 2016 – Workings on the new website
  • 01st August 2016 – Project dddmaterial is now managed by the Peterwerth Export & Import Sales e.K.

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