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Friends of us, independent reviewers and a growing number of our dddmaterial community are testing our new PLA Filaments. Check out a few pictures in the gallery above! I am working on a gallery where users of our filaments can upload their pictures of their prints, because the few picture above are actually only the tip of the iceberg and there are and will be many more to...

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Tungsten Premium Nozzle by dddmaterial

A limited amount of our tungsten premium nozzles, M6x1 Thread, 0.4mm, 1.75mm are preorder-able again. Take your chance to get one for your 3D Printer now! Our new nozzles such as the Tungsten Carbide varitions, RIFLE Model and the other new upcoming models had to undergo a few major changes, thus the are delays in our release schedule. New nozzle variations such as our nozzles for...

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As our backers of our tungsten premium nozzle already know, we will release this year (2nd Q2017) a few design variations of this nozzle such as: Model: TPN-RIFLE, E3D Volcano compatible nozzle, 1.75mm Filaments, 0.9mm Model: TPN-300 Nozzle: for 3mm (2.85mm)Filaments, 0.4mm Model: TPN-MK10: Flashforge and Wanhao M7 Thread compatible nozzleThese new variations will share the same advantages and disadvantages of our current Tungsten Premium Nozzle.Additionally...

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This part of the tutorial is pretty short. If you have any question then ask them in the comments below or send us a message.Let's start to build the extruder rack first. I prefer aluminium profiles because you can adjust them anytime to your needs and this saves you a lot of troubles. You will need 40x40 profiles and I recommend you to built parts...

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