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Haul-Off Machine – Tutorial

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Haul-Off Machine – Tutorial

Creative Commons License haul-off Haul-Off Machine - Tutorial Besides an extruder you will need a couple other machines to produce filaments with a consistent diameter. A haul-off machine is here one of the most crucial part in an extrusion plant, because its consistent traction is responsible for the right diameters.

This tutorial teaches you how to build a haul-off machine which pulls the plastic out of the extruder nozzle to create your desired filament diameter. You can build our haul-off machine with Nema 17 or Nema 23 motors (recommended). In the gallery above you can see an older version of our haul-off machine which used Nema 17 Motors. What you will probably also need – but what is not viewed in the drawings of the complete machine below – is a kind of belt tensioner (check the gallery above).

*Magenta colored parts in the 3D Model are optional!

What do we need to build a haul-off machine?


  • Arduino Mega
  • Ramps 1.4 Board (actually not needed if you use Nema 23 Motors)
  • 2x Nema 23 Stepper Driver (recommended) OR 2x A4988 OR DRV8825
  • Wires
  • 2x Nema 23 Stepper Motor (recommended) OR Nema 17 (59Ncm(
  • 1x on/off 12V toggle switch
  • 1x potentiometer
  • 1x 48V or 36V (~250W or more) Power Supply Unit (PSU) for Nema 23 and a single 12V (~20W or more PSU) in case if you use it with a Ramps 1.4
    • otherwise 9V PSU (~15W or more) for the Arduino Mega is enough
  • If you decide for the Nema 17 Option with A4988 or similar drivers then you will need a 12V (~60W or more) PSU
  • Parts-List-List (Excel): Download

  • Drawing Nema 23 Version: Download

  • For Nema 17 Version, 3D Printer Files: Download

  • For Nema 23 Version 3D Printer Files: Download

  • 2x Belt Tensioner – for each one you will need: 3x 6200Z (or RS) Bearings, ∅10mm shaft 120mm, Shaft holder SK10, clamps for ∅10mm shaft


Explosion View Video


The wiring sktech above shows you a Ramps 1.4 with Nema 23 Motors and drivers although you don’t need a Ramps 1.4 Board for wiring the Nema 23 Motors and drivers to your Arduino. But it makes it easier! The wiring sketch for Nema 17 looks almost similar, you will just have to put your A4988 or DRV drivers into the ramps and wiring the Nema 17 motors directly to the ramps as well (check the gallery above)

Arduino Code:

Dieser Text ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar.

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