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3D Printing with dddmaterial filaments

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3D Printing with dddmaterial filaments

Friends of us, independent reviewers and a growing number of our dddmaterial community are testing our new PLA Filaments. Check out a few pictures in the gallery above! I am working on a gallery where users of our filaments can upload their pictures of their prints, because the few picture above are actually only the tip of the iceberg and there are and will be many more to come. About our filaments: We received here already some question if we plan to sell our filaments also in the US: Currently our filaments are only available in the European Union and you can buy it in our online store or on Amazon (DE). We plan to sell our filaments also in the US but right now I can’t tell you exactly when.

  • The pip boy was printed by Dominik Graf on a Zmorph 3D Printer. He is from Germany and a Cosplayer and prop builder. We support his works and he supports us with cool designs and awesome cosplays and props made of our filaments. He also designed and printed for us the dddmaterial logo… awesome! Check out his amazing works and props on instagram:
  • The Boba Fett skull and the red little gun were printed by Zach3D on a Prusa i3 Clone. He is an architectural draftsman and designer. He used a pre-release batch of our filament but it looks aweseome
  • The orange dragon was printed by Steffen on MKC 3D Printer. He is a 3D Printing Enthusiast and CNC Programmer.


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