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3D Printer Tungsten Premium Nozzle – 1.75mm – M6 – 0.4mm


A nozzle made of a special tungsten alloy: harder than brass, steel, stainless steel and titanium for printing with abrasive 3D Printing Materials.

TARIC/HS-CODE: 84779080

Delivery time: 2 to 3 days*

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1x 3D Printer premium nozzle for

  • 3D Printers with M6 Thread
  • for 1.75mm Filaments
  • 0.4mm Nozzle


  • M6x1.0 Heatblocks
  • E3D Hotend
  • Ultimaker 2 (Please note: Mods required: Olsson Block & PTFE mod, Custom Filament Settings required: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/6739-175mm-filament-on-ultimaker-2)
  • MircoMake Delta Printer
  • ROBO 3D R1+

If your 3D Printer is not listed then please check the thread size of your nozzle. If you don’t have any tools for measuring your thread size then just get a M6x1.0 nut from your workshop or the next tool shop and try to screw it on your current nozzle. If it works then our nozzle will be compatible. Please check also the thread length of your current nozzle and compare it with the thread length of our nozzle. You can find all measurements of our nozzle in the downloadable drawing below. Alternatively you can download below a stl-file of our nozzle and print it with you 3d printer to compare it with your current nozzle.

Print our nozzle

Download  the STL File of our nozzcc-license tungsten premium nozzle 3D Printer Tungsten Premium Nozzle - 1.75mm - M6 - 0.4mmle and print it in your 3D Printer to check if it fits to your Hotend!
Download  the Open-Source Drawings of nozzle



Advantages & Features


infogfx tungsten premium nozzle 3D Printer Tungsten Premium Nozzle - 1.75mm - M6 - 0.4mm infogfx


  • outstanding nozzle material properties: energy efficient / ensure high quality printing results
  • Calibration efforts are more stable (constant layer thickness even during extreme long print-runs as well as during high temperature print processes)
  • No extreme tempering effect. (Hardened Steel nozzles suffer a strong tempering effect caused by heat, which makes the steel softer.)
  • Our flattened nozzle tip doesn’t scratch glas beds unlike diamond / sapphire nozzles or not flattened nozzle tips.
  • Another positive aspect is that there is no need for long lasting researches because it is anyway a reliable quality standard in the plastic extrusion industries and this lowered the developing cost of the 3D Printer nozzle and it grants a fast production after the crowdfunding campaign became successful.
  • It has no tungsten nozzle tip in a steel or brass body instead our nozzle is completely made of a premium tungsten alloy which makes it more reliable and grants better thermal conductivity
  • Made of a premium tungsten alloy which is generally used in the plastics industry or for aerospace applications


  • not food-safe
  • alloy contains small amounts of nickel (up to 3%)
  • we also refer to:German Wikipedia and the CDC Report: “Nach dem derzeitigen Wissensstand gelten Wolfram und seine Verbindungen als physiologisch unbedenklich.” “You are not likely to experience any health effects that would be related to exposure to tungsten or tungsten compounds.”

Material Comparison

material-comparison tungsten premium nozzle 3D Printer Tungsten Premium Nozzle - 1.75mm - M6 - 0.4mm material comparison

Which products consist of tungsten?

Most of the tungsten is used for cement-carbides (for tools) followed by steels and alloys such as highspeed steel for drills and bits, Mill products such as metal rods, sheets and wires etc. But tungsten is also used for other products such as jewelery, darts, light bulbs, electronics, guitar strings, hammer heads in the hammer throw competition, tennis rackets and so on [1]

  • [1] Ref: http://www.etf.com/sections/features-and-news/4264-tungsten-one-of-the-heaviest-metals-a-a-hard-act-to-follow?nopaging=1


Additional Information

Weight 0.0055 kg
Dimensions 14 x 7 x 6 mm


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