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Tungsten Premium Nozzle
A summary of facts about our Tungsten Premium Nozzle for 3D Printers! Check our Video!

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Continue the evolution of 3D Printers!

The brass nozzle is one of the last inheritances of DIY 3D Printers. To continue the evolution of 3D Printers there is a need of developing new components. Our tungsten premium nozzle brings your 3D Printer to a strong professional industrial level.


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Using well established standards

Compatibility is one of the key features of our nozzle! Our tungsten premium nozzle comes with a M6 Thread which is the most common thread size for 3D Printer nozzles. You don’t need to buy new tools or new hotends, just keep your hotend like the E3D and replace the nozzle with our tungsten premium nozzle and you are ready to 3D print!


Pure tungsten is an extremely hard and dense metal. Its density of 19,25 g/cm3 is almost similar to gold (19,32 g/cm3) and its hardness of 8 to 8.5 Mohs resists even strong acids or extremely abrasive materials like titan oxide (white) filament, copper filament or carbon fiber filament.

Tungsten metal alloys are used for many things such as drill bits, darts, rings and other accessories. It will be also added in small amounts to various stainless steels, normal steel and hardened steel.

Best ratio in Price to Thermal and Material Properties

The Tungsten alloy which we use for our nozzle has the best thermal expansion coefficient to thermal conductivity ratio of all metals. Generally used in the plastics industry and for aero space appliactions, our nozzle helps you to achieve the best and most stable 3D Printing calibration results. Even the best software calibration will fail if the used equipment is the blind spot.


The whole nozzle is made of tungsten! We don’t use tungsten nozzle tips which are glued or pushed into a brass or steel nozzle body! Get the full advantage of a complete (from body to tip) tungsten nozzle, don’t annoy yourself with unreliable nozzles with just a nozzle tip made of a gem or tungsten and their big disadvantage that the nozzle tip will just drop out of its body due to heating and cooling.

Well Established Industry Standard

We did not reinvent the wheel. We just made it smaller! The usage of tungsten as a die or nozzle is a common practice in the plastic extrusion industry thus the costs of development for a 3D Printer nozzle don’t waste a big budget and you will get a reliable and professional industry quality for your desktop 3D Printer!

Material Comparison Table


Thermal Conductivity

higher = better

Expansion Coefficient

lower = better

Hardness (Mohs)

higher = better


2.5 to 4
(stainless) Steel
5 to 7
Tungsten Alloys 

(Tungsten Premium Nozzle, TPN-Onyx & TPN-RIFLE *new*)

6 to 8
Tungsten Carbide 

(TCN-Fortress *new*)

8.5 to 9
Corundum (Sapphire / Ruby)
8.5 to 9
5.5 to 6

Data source: Wikipedia (US & DE)


Please note: The current samples of our tungsten premium nozzle are also made of small amounts (up to 3%) of nickel. Some people react sensitive to nickel. If you have a nickel allergy, then we do not recommend you to use our nozzle right now. Instead, please wait for our release of a tungsten nozzle without nickel! Tungsten is like brass and all steel-tungsten alloys (such as various stainless steels or hardened steels) not food-safe!

More key features of our tungsten premium nozzle for 3D Printers

Can I use your nozzle with a glass bed? How do you realize your product?


Yes we considered that about 40% of the 3D Printing Community is using a glass bed as printing surface. Unlike with a diamond or sapphire nozzle you won’t scratch your glass bed with our tungsten premium nozzle so fast.

Design & Manufacturing

Professionally Designed in Germany and from Europe & US to Asia, we use a global network of business relations to grant you the best quality!

Test & Quality

We set high requirements to our products to ensure a high quality product!

Development & Supply Chains

Fair costs of development and thus a fair price. All is set, we are ready to go! We use already established supply chains, production processes and our global business relations to grant you the best quality product!

I do not use Copper or Carbon Fibre Filament. Do I need your nozzle?

Our tungsten premium nozzle is not a must, but if you print often with white colored filament then you should consider to use our nozzle. White colored filament is generally achieved by the addition of titanium oxide. Titanium oxide belongs to the most abrasive color additives in the plastic extrusion industry and causes strong wear to extruder barrels and screws compared to other color additives.

I generally use Nylon (PA), Poly Carbonate (PC) or ABS Filament for 3D Printing. Should I use your tungsten premium 3D Printer Nozzle?

ABS, Nylon and Poly Carbonite are high temperature plastics. High Temperatures will expand a brass nozzle which cause an unstable layer thickness (especially in case of prints which needs days to print) and additionally the high temperature will lower its resistance and it makes the brass or steel nozzle softer! Usage of high temperatures is comparable to tempering of metal which is usually performed after hardening to reduce some of the excess hardness.

Which diameter has the nozzle hole?

The diameter of the nozzle hole is 0.4mm which is the most used hole size for 3D Printing. Depending on the demand we will release more sizes.

I got a nickel allergy

Depending on the tungsten material which we will use for our future nozzles, there can be up to 3% amounts of nickel in the alloy. That sounds pretty less, but we do not recommend you to use our nozzle if you are sensitive to nickel. We rather recommend you to wait for our Tungsten Premium nozzle which is without nickel.

Food Safety?

Tungsten is like brass and all steel-tungsten alloys (such as various stainless steels & hardened steel) not food-safe!

Is it toxic?

We refer to German Wikipedia and the CDC Report:

“Nach dem derzeitigen Wissensstand gelten Wolfram und seine Verbindungen als physiologisch unbedenklich.”

“You are not likely to experience any health effects that would be related to exposure to tungsten or tungsten compounds.”

Ref: CDC: – 1.5 How can Tungsten affect my health?
Ref: Wikipedia: – Abschnitt: Toxikologie

Tungsten and its alloys are used for various applications and things such as darts, Rings, HSS drill bits, tungsten electrodes (TIG Welding) etc.

How did you drill a hole into the tungsten premium nozzle?

This tungsten alloy is such a hard material so that you can not drill it, so the nozzle hole is done by a laser

How long will it take to produce the nozzles?

About 5 to 8 weeks

Why no sapphire or diamond nozzle?

Sapphire has a very poor thermal conductivity even poorer than brass. Diamond is of course the best material for a 3D Printing nozzle (if the complete nozzle would be made of diamond) but the price and the design of using an unrealiable 3mm diamond nozzle tip is an absolutely no-go for desktop 3D Printers. And both materials can easily scratch your glass bed.

Main features at a glance

Best thermal expansion coefficient to conductivity to material price ratio

No extreme tempering effect

One complete tungsten premium nozzle! Not just the nozzle tip!

Nozzle material is generally used for aero space

Professional industry standard for your desktop 3D Printer

Extremely wear-resistant material

Doesn't scratch glas beds as easy as diamond or sapphire nozzles

Recommended choice for carbon fibre filament

Our Best choice for the usage of nylon or polycarbonate

One of the Best nozzles for long print runs

Prototype is ready for the market

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